Vidyo Log Viewer

The log viewer assists in debugging client-side issues by grabbing the log from the VidyoClient SDK through a socket and displaying it in a browser with an easy to read format.

Usage with VidyoConnector

To use the log viewer with VidyoConnector please follow these steps:

  1. Enable Debug in VidyoConnector either through a pull down menu in one of the samples or by calling EnableDebug().
    • EX: in C VidyoConnectorEnableDebug(c, 7776, "warning all@VidyoClient info@VidyoConnector");
    • Please take a look at the ReferenceGuide for usage of EnableDebug and possible log filters.
  2. Open VidyoLog.html in a browser.
    • By default, the log viewer will query port 7776 on localhost. This is useful for clients running on the same endpoint.
    • To debug a remote endpoint such as iOS or Android device, point to the IP address of the device. EX:
    • Alternatively the contents of the log file such as VidyoClient.log can be pasted into [Paste the log] section of the header.
    • The [log filter dialog allows the log to be filtered for easy viewing. To reset the filter enter an empty string.